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Bridging Visa Class B Applying For Permission To Travel

If you are currently in Australia on a Bridging Visa Class A (BVA) after having lodged an application for a substantive visa, and need to travel overseas temporarily whilst your visa application is being processed, you need to apply for a Bridging Visa Class B (BVB), as a BVA does not allow you to travel overseas and return to Australia lawfully.

If granted, your BVB will allow you to travel overseas temporarily and return to Australia lawfully within a specified timeframe. If you return to Australia within the specified timeframe, you can then remain lawfully in Australia while your substantive visa application is being processed.

To be eligible for a BVB, you must have “substantial reasons” for wanting travel overseas whilst your substantive visa application is being processed.

Substantial reasons are not defined in the migration laws, though can include such things, amongst others, as traveling to:

1. attend a family function, such as a wedding or engagement party;

2. visit a sick relative;

3. take a honeymoon;

4. engage in business activities; or

5. take a holiday when the processing of your visa is protracted.

It is important that you provide the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with verifiable evidence of your substantial need to travel (e.g. wedding invitation, medical certificate of a sick relative) to make sure the application goes through smoothly.

You should apply for your BVB no more than three months, and not less than two weeks, before the date on which you want to travel.

A BVB can be granted for up to 12 months, though your requested period of travel should be consistent with your reasons for wanting to travel.

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