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Prospective Marriage Visa

If you are engaged to an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen, the Prospective Marriage Visa is likely the most suitable visa for you.

About the Visa

The Prospective Marriage Visa a temporary is for people who want to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse who is an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

If granted, your Prospective Marriage Visa will allow you to come to Australia for nine months. Once you marry your Australian spouse, you will be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa.

If you apply for a Partner Visa as the holder of a Prospective Marriage Visa, the government charges you a significantly reduced application fee.

There are limitations that apply if your Australian fiancée has previously sponsored other people for a Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa. We will inform you of these limitations in our initial discussion with you.

Eligibility Criteria

To be granted a Prospective Marriage visa:

1. you must be over 18;

2. you and your partner have met in person since each of you turned 18 and know each other personally;

3. you and your partner must genuinely intend to marry within nine months of the grant of the visa;

4. you and your partner must genuinely intend to live together as spouses after your marriage; and

5. there must be no legal impediment to you getting married (e.g. you are separated but not divorced from a former spouse);

6. you must meet health and character requirements.

The second point above is very important. The law can trail technology at times, and although it is commonly accepted that a couple can form a genuine relationship by communicating via electronic means and social media, the law makes it clear that to be granted this visa you and your fiancée must have come into each other’s physical presence at least once.

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