Working & Skilled Visas

Working and Skilled Visas

Work Visas

If you are a professional or tradesperson looking to migrate to Australia and have an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you for an open position in their business, you should consider applying for an employer sponsored work visa.

There are a wide variety of employer-based work visas available. Some of these visas are temporary visas, other permanent visas, whilst others can initially offer you temporary residency whilst leading in the future to permanent residency.

Skilled Immigration

If you are a professional or tradesperson looking to migrate to Australia, you should consider applying for a skilled migrant visa.

Australia has experienced a long-term skills shortage in the Australian labour market in many sectors. The Australian government seeks to ease the skill shortage for Australian businesses by offering skilled workers from overseas the opportunity to obtain permanent residency through their skilled migration program.

Most skilled migrant visas are subject to an “expression of interest” process, whereby you let the Australian government know that you are interested in applying for a skilled migrant visa and give them certain specified information, after which they can choose to invite you to apply for a skilled migrant visa. Some visas also require the support of the state or territory Australian government where you wish to migrate to.

Competition for skilled migrant visas is fierce, which is why you should engage an experienced immigration lawyer to act on your application. We will ensure the information and documentation you provide to the Australian government is complete, sufficient and maximises your prospects of being granted a skilled migrant visa.

Business Immigration

The Australian government is always looking for high quality business people and investors who would like to migrate to Australia. Such people are of a great benefit to Australia, in that they encourage investment and create jobs for Australians.

There is a wide array of visa options for businesspeople and investors under the Australian government’s business skills migration programme. If you have a significant business history overseas, or are a seasoned investor, or wish to establish an entrepreneurial business venture in Australia, then there are several potential visa options for you that may eventually lead to permanent residency.

Please review the work, skilled migrants, and business immigration visa options on this webpage, then contact us to arrange an initial consultation so we can explain the process moving forward to you and the legal requirements to be granted the visa you need.

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