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Skilled Immigration

SKILLED INDEPENDENT VISA This is a permanent visa that may be right for you if you have an educational background and/or relevant work experience that is directly relevant to an occupation that is listed on the “Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List” (MLTSSL), which is accessible at the following [...]

Work Visas

SKILLED INDEPENDENT VISA If you are a professional or tradesperson looking to migrate to Australia and have an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you for an open position in their business, you should consider applying for an employer sponsored work visa. Australia has experienced a long-term skills shortage [...]

Business Immigration

Business Immigration The Australian government is always looking for high quality business people and investors who would like to migrate to Australia. Such people are of a great benefit to Australia, in that they encourage investment and create jobs for Australians. There is a wide array of visa options for [...]

Family Immigration

Family Immigration The family stream of the Australian immigration system is designed to reunite Australian citizens and permanent residents with their close family members, or allow Australians a visa that will allow their family member or spouse to remain with them in Australia. There are many potential visa options that [...]


Students The Australian education system is world renowned for offering high quality education to students which is recognized internationally. If you are considering applying for a Student Visa, you should contact us so we can advise you of the process and documentary requirements to lodge a strong student visa application. [...]


Refugees If you are seeking the protection of the Australian government due to persecution or substantial discrimination you have faced in your home country, the type of visa that you can apply for will depend on your location and how you entered Australia. If you are: in Australia and arrived [...]


Visitors Successfully obtaining a visitor visa to come to Australia temporarily can be a lot tougher than most people would expect. Given your country of passport and your personal circumstances, there may be a high risk that your application to visit Australia will be refused. A lot of visitor visa [...]


Retirees If you are a self-funded retiree with no dependents and a steady retirement income, and you are willing to make an investment in an Australian State or Territory, you may be eligible for apply for an Investor Retirement Visa. This visa is a temporary visa which will allow you [...]

Returning Residents

Returning Residents You may wish to apply for a Resident Return Visa if you are: outside Australia and your Australian permanent residency visa is about to expire; outside Australia and your Australian permanent residency visa has already expired; or inside Australia and the travel facility on your Australian permanent residency [...]

Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment People who want to have medical treatment or medical consultations in Australia may be eligible for a Medical Treatment Visa. This visa is commonly used for people to come to Australia to undergo medical treatment, or by people in Australia who have suffered an injury that requires medical [...]

Visa for Distinguished Talents

Visas for Artists, Sportspeople, Academic and Distinguished Professionals VISAS FOR ARTISTS, SPORTSPEOPLE, ACADEMIC AND DISTINGUISHED PROFESSIONALS – MASTER PAGE If you fall into one of the categories in the header, and have a truly exceptional record of achievement in your field which you are still prominent in, and your achievements [...]

Visa Refusals and Cancellations

Visa Refusals and Cancellations If you have been refused a visa by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), or had a visa cancelled, you may be entitled to apply for review of the adverse decision of the DIBP to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Case officers of the [...]

Court Appeals

Court Appeals If you have received an adverse decision from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), you may be able to appeal the decision to the Federal Circuit Court (the Court). The timeframes are tight for making applications to the Court, so if you have received an adverse decision from the [...]

Ministerial Intervention

Requests For Ministerial Intervention If you have been refused a visa, or had a visa cancelled, by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), and subsequently appealed the adverse decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), whom also came to an adverse decision, you may want to consider lodging [...]


Citizenship If you are thinking of applying for Australian Citizenship, our experienced immigration lawyers can help ensure that your application addresses all the formal requirements for the grant of citizenship, as well as guiding you through the whole process of obtaining citizenship. For those that have a criminal record, it [...]

Common Immigration Issues

Common Immigration Issues In this section of our website we outline some of the common immigration issues faced by visa applicants. The list is not exhaustive and is not a complete summary of the law on any given issue, though it will give you a broad idea of what can [...]

Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration If you are a professional or tradesperson looking to migrate to Australia, you should consider applying for a skilled migrant visa. Australia has experienced a long-term skills shortage in the Australian labour market in many sectors. The Australian government seeks to ease the skill shortage for Australian businesses [...]